Change the World, Country, City by Changing My Mind

this is a way to change the world. In case you did miss it. Let’s transform our city, country and the world by “changing the way we think.” Andy Andrews on making big change God’s way Romans 12:2: “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and...

Away from Pain or Towards Pleasure

Software dev team leads and departments leads…well heck, everyone is moving and what is causing that movement is kind of important. Is that movement away from pain or towards pleasure? Is there any other type of progress. I find a lot of DEV teams adding developers to move away from pain because, sometimes they actually need more developers but more often than not, they don’t need more developers they need a deeper team change.  Today’s project for my 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge was to list out what DEV team lead/managers might be saying in their heads to move away from pain AND move towards pleasure. Here’s what I came up with: Away from pain: Towards pleasure:

My Dream Customer’s Core Desire

30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge – Day 3: Your Dream Customer Today I realized, looking at the scope set by Russell Brunson’s book, that the core desire my dream customer is looking for is to improve their relationships: within their team and outwardly towards the rest of the stakeholders, company, boss, or c-suite. The other options beyond Relationships as core desires for ideal customers are health and wealth. Initially, I thought I might go with wealth–like the job and security–but that is secondary or a consequence of having good relationships or lacking them. My coaching, masterminds, courses and valuable material will help them – empower the team and enable them to do more delegation at higher and higher levels – teach...

Kickoff 30-Day Traffic Secrets Challenge for High Performance DEV Teams (software)

For the last few years I’ve been transforming software development teams. They didn’t know they needed transformation. I didn’t know they needed transformation. As I joined there teams. . . because they thought they just needed more software developers. I found opportunities they couldn’t see. I showed them the way to make their software teams perform at higher and higher levels.So the question is how do I get single or small teams to realize they don’t need more help they need to change how they are doing things.Yesterday I started the 30 day traffic secrets challenge to help me identify and help folks in this boat. Today’s homework was to “Did you struggle int he past with the same problems your dream customers have...

Murder Rights Protected in Minnesota

Murder Rights Protected in Minnesota

It is a sad day today for God’s children. I’m disappointed to see that Minnesota is protecting rights to murder: Under the new law, Minnesota recognizes a right to use or refuse reproductive health care and a right to continue a pregnancy and give birth or obtain an abortion. It also prevents local governments from passing any regulations on birth control or abortion. One of the central arguments Republicans and abortion opponents have made against the PRO Act is it does not contain any language restricting abortions in the later stages of pregnancy.

Social Media and Political Polarization in America

Please watch this. No really, turn everything off and give it your full attention. Then I dare you to keep going the same way you have in the past. If you’re interested in helping me build let me know and let’s make a real social network.

Person of Value – Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya’! – Abundant Life

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value”– Albert Einstein My five pillars: GodFamilyAbundant LifeAdventureTechnology Do you know Jesus?