Am I Overdoing Productivity

“Productivity is S*&^*%&!” yes productivity. I’ve worked so hard at being more and more productive while at the same time adding to the time I invest in being productive. I spin on my head when I’m not “productive” just wanting to get back to productivity. I can smell the flowers but I don’t need to stop to do so. . . or do I. I must be addicted to productivity. Starting my day at 4:00 a.m. and never stopping. Someone tried to help me and said, you can play with the children for 20 minutes. It seems to work. It feels good. It connects us. Maybe it is the right thing. But I think it feeds the productivity addiction as well. Maybe it is a process to break the workaholism.
I’m reading Clockwork by Mike the Motorbike Michalowicz and I’m just starting but he suggests just stopping spending more time and keep getting more done in the time set to get that done AND delegate. I’m fired up to read more. My productivity addiction draws my morning earlier and my evening later. What do you think?

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