Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

Can You Fill My Heart?

Jesus Can! Happy Valentines Day!

What Means This

by Sir Thomas Wyatt What means this when I lie alone? I toss, I turn, I sigh, I groan. My bed me seems as hard as stone. What means this? I sigh, I plain continually. The clothes that on my bed do lie Always methink they lie awry. What means this? In slumbers oft for fear I quake. For heat and cold I burn and shake. For lack of sleep my head doth ache. What means this? A mornings then when I do rise I turn unto my wonted guise, All day after muse and devise. What means this? And if perchance by me there pass She unto whom I sue for grace, The cold blood forsaketh my face. What means this? But if I sit near her by With loud voice my heart doth cry And yet my mouth is dumb and dry. What means this? To ask for help no heart I have. My tongue doth fail what I should...

Welcome back my son

My sister gave me two things as I left Minnesota: a cross, and a small picture frame with a quote. I keep the frame by my bed and read it a few times each day: “You Yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” One of the things I forgot along with my family and friends was my whole-self. Thanks Faith.