What Does It Take to be a Man?

I had a subtle reminder from 1984 last night at the Boston Concert so I thought I’d share it with you: What does it take to be a man? What does it take to see It’s all heart and soul A gentle hand? So easy to want and so hard to give How can you be a man ‘Till you see beyond the life you live? Oh, what does it take to be a man?   We can be blind, but a man tries to see It takes tenderness For a man to be what he can be And what does it mean If you’re weak or strong? A gentle feelin’ can make it right or make it wrong What does it take to be a man?   The will to give and not receive The strength to say what you believe The heart to feel what others feel inside To see what they can see   A man is somethin’ that’s real...

Brad’s Holiday Recommendation

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Ok, here’s the male version: If that wasn’t enough, mash it all together:

I’ve Always Wanted to sing with myself

Thanks Lawrence!

Mom has a place in the choir

My mom likes the darndest things. I love this group as well. Thanks mom!

Memories: Land of Confusion

Don’t let these dolls scare you: I heard this on the radio and had to go and find the old video. From the old days when they showed music videos on MTV. Do you remember when. . ?