Digital Heroin

I’m struggling as a parent right now. Our goal is to limit screen time for the 9 year old and up to 2 hours per day and we have tools in place for that. But…about 9 months ago, the 16 (now 17) year old went out and bought a 3DS XL without our consent. After 5 warnings (I know, I shouldn’t give that many warnings) I asked for the device yesterday to which he refused as he has done probably 3-5 times in the last few months. Today after school he ran away for a couple of hours to “Some where, where I can play video games with out you clawing at my neck.”

digital heroin
It is not coincidence that this video came across my desk today:

Here’s the associated article. Read at your own risk. It is changing my thinking today. Digital Heroin

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