I was listening to a podcast or webinar recently with the Podcast Answerman, Cliff Ravenscraft. He is just a genius in helping people get going with podcasts. He gets results and gives folks what they need to get started…and it’s even free. I have heard him a few times in the past but this time having a few blogs myself, I noticed something. I’m swimming in a pool of 450,000,000 blogs. Yes, 450 million blogs. Do you know how many podcasts are out there? There’s only 325,000! That is a pool that is only 0.07% the size of the blog pool.

I’m not taking action today but it is something to consider. If your blog leads to sales, memberships, or subscriptions OR even if it leads people to some good information. It might be time to consider podcasting. You don’t need to do much to put your foot in the smaller pool. Something to think about.

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