I play D&D. Also known as Dungeons and Dragons. A long long time ago in a state far far away (MN) dad bought the D&D Basic Set for mom for . . . must’ve been Mother’s Day. It was the late 70s or early 80s and we began to play. Dad was the DM or Dungeon Master and the band of adventurers (me, my brother, and my mother) proceeded to the Keep on the Borderlands to pick up some supplies: armor, shields, bows. . . tools of mass destruction and personal preservation. Mom, or rather mom’s character kept saying thinks like “I don’t want a dagger. I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Shortly after that, the TV began spewing the negative propaganda regarding the game. We quit playing and the game disappeared.

An unknown time span passed and I ran across friends that played the game and I began begging and begging to have that D&D Basic Set. It took a while but they finally complied to my requests and my journey of RPG (Role Playing Games) began (thanks Mike, Doug, Eric, Jon, Bill, Lance, JJ). I took quite a long sabbatical from the game and just coming back to it the last few years and having a blast. I tried to play a video game this weekend but couldn’t because the choices were so limited. They’re not so limited in D&D and I started to wonder the benefits from playing the game.

There are a number of beneficial reasons I play but first of all it is fun, social, and open ended. Here are some other benefits I could’ve used for my “begging and begging” above from a recent Ted Talk I ran across recently:

  1. Collaboration and Teamwork
  2. Preparedness, Innovation, and Problem Solving
  3. Character Building Builds Character
  4. Empathy and Tolerance
  5. The Power of Narrative and the Imagination

Another thought provoking treatise on D&D and role playing:

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