For the last few years I’ve been transforming software development teams. They didn’t know they needed transformation. I didn’t know they needed transformation. As I joined there teams. . . because they thought they just needed more software developers. I found opportunities they couldn’t see. I showed them the way to make their software teams perform at higher and higher levels.

So the question is how do I get single or small teams to realize they don’t need more help they need to change how they are doing things.

Yesterday I started the 30 day traffic secrets challenge to help me identify and help folks in this boat.

Today’s homework was to “Did you struggle int he past with the same problems your dream customers have now? Write down everything you felt when you were in that pain”. . . so here goes:
– How come we can’t deploy right?
– How come the database and code don’t deploy together
….feeelings. I’m not writing feelings…
– confused by bouncing between current and new work and an interrupting deployment that is scheduled
– helpless to give the boss what he needs, budget, timelines
– over burdened to do it all myself
– hopefull I don’t need to roll back a deployment to the “old” version
– empty feeling. . . there’s gotta be a better way
– scared I’m going to lose my job if I force the “boss” to choose (see the other boss one above)
– helpless to come up with a set of choices that may work
– afraid the code is going to break something I didn’t think of

What other feelings do software developers and team leads have out there?

See you again on day 3. . .

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