30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge – Day 3: Your Dream Customer

Today I realized, looking at the scope set by Russell Brunson’s book, that the core desire my dream customer is looking for is to improve their relationships: within their team and outwardly towards the rest of the stakeholders, company, boss, or c-suite.

The other options beyond Relationships as core desires for ideal customers are health and wealth. Initially, I thought I might go with wealth–like the job and security–but that is secondary or a consequence of having good relationships or lacking them.

My coaching, masterminds, courses and valuable material will help them

– empower the team and enable them to do more delegation at higher and higher levels

– teach the “boss”

– create and provide actionable data for the “boss” to empower him/her to make leadership decisions for the company

– this will enable my dream customer to quit working nights and weekends enabling them to grow those personal relationships

This is so fun looking at where I’ve been and understanding how I’ve been there and how to fast forward the journey for someone else to higher levels of performance.

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