Don’t read this over dinner…it’s kinda gross.
So, the morning was a bit different than usual. I was a bit late coming home from the gym so Leah took the older ones to school and left me with the 3 little ones. It was pleasant, I had 20 minutes until Erin and Bet-z woke up so I sat down to breakfast with Spencer. I gave him a bit of doughnut so he could bite of bits of it. . . BUT he promptly stuffed the whole thing in his mouth. One hurdle jumped.
Entertaining? Yes, but the “different” isn’t over.
Then Erin came out of her room. My first need is to attach the upper brain to the lower brain, the lizard brain so I looked at her and said a big and cheerful “good morning” and held my breath. A moment later the response, “good morning dad”. . . phew. Two hurdles jumped.
Then she said, “My whole room smells like puke.” Oh no, I’m thinking there goes the upper brain. It’s about to detach from the lower brain. She sniffs her arm, and says, “never mind, it’s just my skin.” I answered, “OK, maybe you want to take a shower?” She agreed and moved on. Three hurdles!
Bet-z arrived in the kitchen w/o her PJs and wearing only her diaper. She was making funny noises in her throat and coughing. I observed her to make sure she was OK and picked her up and rubbed her back. Then she started spitting up that nasty sour puke that just burns and we got it all in (and next to) the sink. Four!
That is when I began noticing the beans from last nights dinner in the back of her beautiful curly long hair and my Scooby Doo detective kicked in. In their bed I found, how do I describe what I found. . . beans and puddles all over the entire bed and both pillows. It’s no wonder Erin’s “skin” smells like puke. Cleaned all that up. Five!
How many hurdles do they run in a 50m? Five?
As amazing as all that sounds, it’s only the standard operating procedure of my lovely wife and mother to our children and she does it every day without hesitation, without complaining. With joy and love filling her heart she loves, holds, and supports our family.
Thank you Leah Seim! I love you!
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