Just now I had 10 minutes to spend with Elizabeth on my lap. We had a discussion about some things that they have and she doesn’t. I explained how Satan and his team and the world will always show us what we don’t have and unless it is food, clothing, shelter, and love we needn’t listen. When get to choose at what we look at. We can look at what we have or we can look at what we don’t have. One of those choices will make you happier. “Daddy, which one is it?”

“OK, think about not having the art kit your sisters have. . . Now think about this time to sit on Daddy’s lap. Which thought makes you happier?”

“Sitting with you.”

“I have two choices right now, I could go and write my journal, which is a good thing. I could continue to sit here with you on my lap, which is a good thing. After a while of practicing choosing your thoughts you get to choose between good things. Right now, I choose to sit with you. Later I can write in my journal.” Who knew this sitting would be the main content.

A big sister, Mary comes in and shows off a threaded maple leaf with fall colors and we discuss the ironing and wax paper trick of preservation. She begins searching to no avail for the paper and lures Elizabeth to gather some more beautiful leaves.

Where are you?

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