I have an advantage. Do you? I have a mastermind group. Every Monday, I meet with these 10 guys for an hour. We’ve gathered consistently for years. I wish they lived in my town but they don’t. They are my friends, my advisors, my coaches. Really they’re my board of directors for life and business.

Why do I mention all this? Because I quit Failing years ago and you can too.

My mastermind group offers me advantages beyond these 10 guys though that may be enough. My group, as a part of Iron Sharpens Iron provides me access to the founder Aaron Walker AND 15 other groups just like mine with varied experiences, expertise, backgrounds, beliefs. The camaraderie created by this environment make them accessible to me and vice-versa.

Recently we joined a call with Jay Allen Samit where we could visit with him and hear is story and ask him questions. He shared a quote, I’m pretty sure I heard before:

There is no failure you’re either earning or learning.

–Jay Allen Samit

I just wanted to thank Jay for spending time with our group. I love the way he just wants to help people. He writes books–successfully…not because he needs the success but because he needs to help people. If you have a chance grab his old book Disrupt You (affiliate) ( Or check out his new book. Here’s some details from Jay:

Future Proofing You

In this life-changing book, celebrated author and entrepreneur Jay Samit, who’s worked with such visionaries as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman, and hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, shares the key understandings and step-by-step process for becoming rich and never needing another job again.

To prove the power of his 12 Truths, Samit also details the journey of how he mentored a broke millennial with these principles and empowered him to go from being on welfare to becoming a self-made millionaire in one year.

Building upon the principles in his internationally acclaimed book Disrupt You, Samit explains:

  • How to identify an idea and market to start your business
  • How to build a virtual company with little or no capital
  • The latest free software tools for managing your business
  • Ways to get a piece of a trillion-dollar opportunity bigger than mobile
  • How to harness the three primary fears of others to generate more sales
  • Strategies for finding the right mentors to accelerate your success
  • Techniques to structure any deal for creating recurring revenue and lasting wealth

This book is perfect for anyone who is tired of jobs with no security, hopes to truly realize their professional and personal potential, and is looking for a way to build a better life for them and their family.

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