This exerpt is from the latest recreational reading book I’m enjoying: Dragons of the Highlord Skies by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Brian glanced down at the altar, trying to think of some way to change the subject, which made him uncomfortable. He looked at the book, thinking it must be some holy text, and said in astonishment, “The pages of the book are blank. Why is that?”

“To remind us that our lives are made up of blank sheets waiting to be filled,” Lillith replied. “The book of life is open when we are born, and it closes with our death. We write in it continually, but no matter how much we write, what joy or sorrow we experience or what mistakes we have made, we will always turn the page, and tomorrow’s page is always blank.”

“Some people might find that prospect daunting,” said Brian somberly, looking down at the page, so starkly white and empty.

“I find it filled with hope,” said Lillith. She moved close to him.

He took hold of her hands and clasped them in his own. “I know what I want to write on tomorrow’s page. I want to write my love for you.”

“Then let us write it on today’s page,” said Lillith softly. “We will not wait for tomorrow.”

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