I just finished reading for the third time: Who Not How I was enlightened to find the meaning of life. Well not quite but he does reveal the purpose of life: “Relationships are the purpose of life”.

Closely related to that, the “Most important skill” in life was demonstrated. No matter what you’re age it applies even though hearing it may suggest that it is only for the young. Dan Sullivan (in his 70’s or 80’s) tells how he continues to do this at his age: “ask questions of adults”. I could do a better job at this.

Problems, life is full of problems but they are easier to bear, understand, overcome and solve with the first two hints above. This quote from the book: “If you have enough money to solve a problem then you don’t have a problem.” I look at it from two angles: 1) someday I’ll be there 2) while I’m getting there, someone has a problem big enough to need my skills and talents solving it.

Finally, if you’ve got kids in their mid teens have them listen to the Watermelon Story clip from 54 to 56 minutes on the audio book or on pages 27 to 31. This is at the start of Chapter 1.

Hope this helps to add value to your life.

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