Story from Pastor Keita at Celebrate Recovery:

There was this really good tight rope walker who strung a rope across Niagara Falls. He continued to walk back and forth and demonstrate his immense skill. People started to notice and began forming a crowd. He paused to speak with the audience, questioning them, “You guys think I’m pretty good don’t you.”

“Yes! Yes! You are incredible.”

“You guys really believe in my skill don’t you?” There was a resounding response of awe and confirmation. “How many of you believe I could cross the tight rope with this wheel barrow?” Everyone raised their hands and cheered. There was no doubt about the faith and trust this crowd had in the entertainer. “It seems you guys really believe in my skills and abilities. I have only one more question for you since you believe so highly in my ability. Will one of you, just one of you volunteer to ride in the wheel barrow?”

The crowd was silent.

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