I know it is the default title but I couldn’t let it go! I’m a programmer. If you’re a programmer you know how many times you’ve created “Hello World!” It just gives me a little satisfaction to see it once again.

So what is going on here? I guess I’m here to spread the word of Jesus Christ. He died for your sins and loves you. All you need to do is accept Him as your savior and *poof* you’re saved. The funny thing is He doesn’t stop there. When I really re-accepted Him in February 2008, He didn’t leave me there. He took my hand and walked with me and loved me and changed me. Heaven forbid than anyone think He’s done with me. He’s still gotta lotta work to do here believe you me. Did that sound southern? I always wanted to sound southern.

But, I thought you said you were a computer programmer. Well, yes, I did say that. I must say, “You’re a good listener.” Lord willing I will make your listening here edifying. Computers are my gift from Him so I must use that gift to glorify Him. Edifying is a pretty cool word isn’t it. Its just a fancy way of saying “smartering up.” But I think Webster says it more eloquently: edifying

Well, I’m not making any commitments here so don’t feel let down. Just so you know: “the average person quits a new thing (like working out, going to the gym, stopping drinking or smoking, some kind of better habit) within 6 weeks.” Don’t know where I got that but it’s my escape clause.


Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11

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