A better life requires a change in my thinking. Seth Godin changes my mind and thinking.

Guard your mind (Tony Robbins). Guard your time. Guard your relationships.

Do not fear failure. Everything is a learning experience or a success (or both)

I’ve messed up in ways you haven’t. . . and hope sharing my mess-ups helps you.

What do you stand for? Take action on what you stand for. When you rant against something make sure it aligns directly with something you stand for. Griping is not productive.
“What you’re ranting against has to be an opponent for something you’re going for.”

Use and expand your influence to help others.

You can do more in 10 years than you think. You can do less in 1 year than you think — don’t let that slow you down.

What are your Pillars? Zig Ziglar – wheel of life.

What will you hear here:

  • Book Recommendations
  • Ideas
  • Screwups
  • Strengths
  • Tips
  • and more.


My pillars:

  • God
  • Family
  • Abundant Life
  • Adventure
  • Technology

Do you know Jesus?

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